Reborns are becoming more and more popular with bigger demands from customers for their babies to be as realistic as possible.


But this comes at a cost, literally at a cost.

The more realistic the baby the more that baby will cost to buy.

So with this many artists are kindly offering a payment or layaway service, so that it makes owning the baby of your dreams attainable.

But some of the customers they have are not respecting this kindness from the artist and are either breaking the deal, not communicating if payments will be late and being unreliable with payments.

This is not a good thing.

There are some artists that sell their dolls as a means of living.

They manage their bills and day to day costs based on what they expect to get in.

So that any unexpected no payments and then no communication will make them hesitate to offer a layaway again in the future.

No artist has to give layaways, there are some that do not.

The ones that do, do it out of the kindness of their hearts. They do it so that everyone can have a chance to purchase a baby they really want.

My advice would be for all clients to not abuse that.

Work out in advance if the payments that you agree to can actually be met each month.

Do not spoil it for others in the community, whos only way to get a baby is by doing the layaways.

If you are in a payment plan and something unexpected happens and you may struggle, have the decency to contact the artist and tell them, no matter how hard and embarrassing it may be to you.

For the artist it may make a huge difference.

So what I am trying to say is Thank You, to all those artists that do agree to layaways. Thank you for your skills and your love of the reborns.

Thank you for allowing anyone to be able to purchase one of your babies and not feel priced out if they can not pay in one go.

And to the customers I would say be fair, keep your payments as regular as you can.

Respect your artist, they are not your servant and can not work to your time schedule.

Reborn painting

Just know that they are working on your baby but art can not be rushed. This is most definitely art.

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