Ok so maybe the title makes it seem worse than it is. But some reborn artists really do seem to see it as a competition.

Reborn artists

I am in no way saying all.

In fact most artists respect each other and are genuinely pleased when another gets an achievement.

But they are a few who seem to think that it is a competition.

That feel it is ok to put others down and try to insult their work.

Some who think that what another artist does is wrong.

My question to that would be why?

Why does it matter if another artist wins an award or gets more sales.

Why can’t we see it as a positive for the community when any artist work is shown.

Why must one artist in some cases lie and bully another.

Life is short and hard enough as it is.

We can not expect to get along with everyone.

But those that we may not get along with, we should at least extend courtesy to.

As artists all know, their job is hard, it is painstaking and tiring.

So it should be appreciated.

Even by other artists.

So lets just think before we speak.

No one has more rights than another in this community.

It will be a better place to be if we just stop the hate towards each other that even seems to exist between some artists.

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