I am sorry that todays blog has come out later than normal, its been a long day, and finding time to stop and write this has been a struggle.

Today I took Summer into the garden to spend sometime outside.

She spent some time smelling the flowers and pointing at different things she saw.

When we came in I put on Beauty and the Beast for Aurora, Harper and Summer to watch whilst I feed and changed some of the other babies.

Bethany was put back into a two piece Carters outfit, that I have always thought looked really sweet on her.

Reborn blog 26th july

I feel that with some babies certain types of clothing or certain colours suit them better, it just takes a little while sometimes to work out each babies character and style.

After we watched the film it was time to eat so I made the girls some fruit and sandwiches.

They really enjoyed this and ate almost all of it.

Kia wanted to join in with them and started pointing in their direction.

So I let her out and she sucked on a piece of apple.

The babies then had to sleep for a while as it was nap time.

I love to see the babies as they are sleeping as they all look so peaceful and it never gave an indication of what is to come when they start to wake up.

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