Reborn blog 8th

Today was really a day of two halves.

The morning started off being relaxing, the babies were all calm and it was just generally peaceful.

But come the afternoon several of the babies had decided that they wanted to give me a hard time.

Tianna was wanting to be picked up every five minutes, as soon as she had ben calmed and placed back down she would start again.

This started off Angelica who would not settle with her dummy/ pacifier at all today.

Then we have Jamie who has a sore nappy area. Doesn’t help that as soon as his nappy is off he starts pulling at himself.

So he is sore.

I try and leave him without a nappy for a while each day, which means , you’ve guessed it, he wees as soon as his nappy comes off.

This has all caused for a pretty restless afternoon.

In fairness all I wanted to do was sit down and watch a movie. But I am thinking that is not going to happen for a while yet.

Maybe later if they settle tonight I will be able to. Who knows.

But I am thinking that I should really try and bath Jamie in plain walm water to see if that helps.

Poor Jamie has had tummy ache last week and now this soreness this week.

But I am wondering if the soreness is related in anyway to the tummy ache, as after he finished being sick a little for then started going to the toliet … alot.

So I think that it might have something to do with why he is sore as I had to change his nappy so much that day.

But don’t worry, between me and my daughter he is getting so many cuddles.

The rest of the nursery seems to be fine really.

The older babies are pretty much content with themselves which is great. They have been playing on the floor with their toys again which is always lovely to see.

So my mind is already on this evening. Being able to stop and just spend some time not actually doing anything.

The day started off sunny which was nice.

I love waking up to the sun being out. It did rain for about an hour or so around lunchtime, following which the threat of rain was always there as the clouds stayed heavy.

We did get to see part of a rainbow though, which the three older babies really enjoyed.

So I think tomorrow we will have to do some drawings of a rainbow.

Aurora couldn’t pick which colour she liked best.

Summer liked rainbow colour best and Harper liked the blue.

I can’t wait until some of the younger babies get a little bigger and can take part in this sort of stuff.

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