This sculpt is the Aaron by Linde Scherer.

He is a good sized kit when completed the baby is 21 inches.

The current average price is $69.95 which is a very reasonable figure I think.

Aaron by Linde Scherer

This kit takes a cloth body which makes the finished baby very cuddly and great to sit down for a snuggle.

As it is an open eyed sculpt you will of course need to also purchase eyes.

Little Aaron takes 20mm sized eyes.

The limbs for this kit are 3/4 so personally I would use short sleeved tops and at least shorts.

For me I do not think I would use just a nappy/diaper to display this particular baby.

Little Aaron truly is a cuddle baby with a firm head and soft limbs, which is a fairly new thing.

Aaron by Linde Scherer

If you like the look of this little one finding a kit should not be too difficult.

It is an open edition so there should be plenty around.

For me if I am honest I am unsure if the Aaron by Linde Scherer is a sculpt for me.

I will still keep looking at different versions of it and maybe one day I will find one that I fall in love with.

Basic Specifications

Current Average Price: $69.95
Size: 21 Inches
Head Circumference: 14.8 Inches
Arms: 3/4
Legs: 3/4
Eye Size: 20mm
Body: Cloth body needed
Edition: Open
Vinyl: NEW Light, Firm Head with Soft Limbs – Made in Germany

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