So as i said before I am going to try and keep you all up to date with any and all recent video uploads that we do.

So here are the links to the latest videos that are up on Youtube from both our reborn channels.

The video from Suzy G is


The video from Reborn mummy is


At this time we are limited to how many videos we can upload, due to having really bad internet.

So until that situation is fixed you can follow what happens in our nursery by reading our blogs which we are trying to put out daily.

If you would like to read one of our blogs click the link below.


This way we hope that everyone will be able to feel part of our reborn family and follow what we do each day.

Of course we will upload as often as we possibly can. So keep checking both the Youtube channels and the website for any updates.

Also any video ideas please comment below and we will try and do it.

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