Why is it that in this day in age people want something for nothing?

When dealing with this hobby it makes it more difficult.

Reborns are not cheap, not cheap at all.

I have several babies for sale from my personal collection, and although I may not be the artist, I did of course pay in the beginning for the baby.

So even if though the baby is not brand new, it does not mean that it is worth almost nothing.

Take the case of the reborn I am currently selling.

When I purchased Amelia she cost me £340, I have tried to sell her for half of that, but people just do not seem to be wanting to pay even £150 for her.

something for nothing

I have eventually dropped her price down to £70 plus postage, even at this price people are still telling me that it is too much and that I should lower the price again.

How can this be possible?

£70 would not even cover for the kit, supplies used for the baby and clothing, but yet people are wanting it to be lower again.

So what do you think, does it seem unfair that people are asking for prices to be lowered for the dolls?

Or do you think that the doll prices are too high already?

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