So many of you probably already know that I recently had a baby from Still Moments Nursery, and while she wasn’t what I was expecting, what I want to say right now is that my entire experience with Still Moments Nursery wasn’t all bad.

Still Moment Nursery

For example, while the baby does take 5 years to reach me, it does take me 3 years to complete the payment to her.

This is something that an artist doesn’t have to do.

So I’m very grateful for that.

Her normal recuperation period is six months, so giving me three years is more than she has to do.

Also after hearing about my concerns about the baby, she agreed to refund some of my worry money.

I’m so glad she got in touch when I emailed her and she did reply the same day.

So I do want to make it public, and while I may have been telling you all my questions about this baby, I would also like to say that Nikki is willing to work with me on the payment and that she has agreed to refund the lost item.

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