The Most Popular Reborn Girl Dolls

Ever since lifelike dolls, also known as REBORN BABY DOLLS or Silicon baby came into the limelight some three decades ago, these eeily baby like dolls have won the hearts of thousands of people, especially women.
Reborn girl dolls are not your typical baby doll; they are incredibly lifelike with baby-like features that are almost like the real thing most people pass them off for babies. But how do these dolls become so much like babies? Well, it boils down to attention to detail.
In the early days of reborn dolls, artists used to buy the regular vinyl baby dolls and then rework the delicate baby features into them until they become almost indistinguishable from the real-life infant. Everything is done by hand, and when the artist is through with the toy, a new baby is reborn, albeit not the real thing, but almost. From bright, beautiful eyes, delicate fingers, fluffy hair, pursed lips and all the baby features that melts a mother’s hearts away-these reborn dolls have them and more!
Over the years, many women have come to depend on Silicone babies for support, companionship, and fun. These dolls are not merely toys- they help people cope with depression, trauma, grief, and more!

Our Cuddly Newborn Baby Girl Gracia with Baby Pillow & Doll is one of the most popular reborn girl dolls on the market. It’s a masterpiece handcrafted to perfection by highly skilled artisans. A single look on her face can elicit the most potent positive emotions. Her bright blue eyes wear a sparkling hint of mischief, curiosity, and pure love.
Gracia’s skin is soft and cuddly, and her elegant, full-head baby hair is irresistible. Her chubby and blushed cheeks, hand-painted eyebrows, and beautiful eyelashes will take your breath away with their striking resemblance to a real human baby. This is not a doll! Her legs are long and weighted so they feel and move like that of a normal baby girl.
Additionally, Gracia is adorned with a spectacularly soft pink suit, featuring a myriad of patterns and matching pink dots hat and purple socks, the favorite colors of every doll-loving little girl. Plus, she has an adorable little yellow chicken toy of her own .

Treasure Lifelike Newborn Baby Nancy is also an exciting bundle of joy packed in a Silicon baby. Nancy has all the features and demeanor of a sweet baby and will fit into your cuddly arms perfectly. With hand-painted eyebrows, glossy hand-painted pursed lips, and dreamy eyelashes, everything about this reborn baby doll is entirely like the real deal.
She has delicately handcrafted sweet features; from her rosy cheeks, tiny baby fingers and toes, to a heartwarming button nose-every thing about this doll is sweet! She is dressed in a baby bunting and a soft hat. She has movable arms and lifelike features. Nancy is handcrafted from Gentle Touch vinyl, giving her a warm and smooth skin that is begging to be pampered.

Bunny Baby Girl Silicone Sleeping Doll features almost lifelike features of a real sleeping baby that will melt your heart with a single look. With great attention to detail, our artists painstaking add plum rosy cheeks, and bow lips that create a dreamy facial expression. She comes with soft white skin and a head full of brown faux mohair.
Everything from the hair, face, skin, and dress are handcrafted to deliver a real-life response. The doll sports a plush pink pajamas with funny bunny embroidery. This sleeping baby is made from Silicone Vinyl.
These adorable reborn baby dolls come with accessories like a baby bottle, birth certificate, and pacifier.

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