The Most Realistic Smiling Reborn Baby Girl Dolls

People, especially the old people and kids, need companion because their family are busy with working so that they can’t spend enough time accompanying with them. To solve it, you can totally buy a realistic reborn baby girl doll with sweet smile for them . The silicone baby girl can not only accompany them, but also make them happy as the dolls smile so sweetly. If you don’t know where to buy a smiling reborn baby girl doll, then you can select one from the most realistic silicone baby girls as below.

Happy Owl Lifelike Baby Doll

Once you see the realistic reborn girl doll, you probably want to take her home. Her lovely appearance, especially hand-painted eyebrows, bright brown eyes, tiny nose and chunky cheek, makes her become a great companion for the old people and kids. But I have to say, the most attractive feature of the baby girl doll is her smile, you can also see her two teeth on her open mouth. As you know, smile can be always good at freeing people from sorrow.

Besides, her pink shirt embroidered with a cute owl pattern, gray skirt and black and white striped hat make her look even more adorable.

Long Hair Girl Doll

How beautiful and lovely this reborn girl doll looks! She features her long straight hair, blushing cheeks, big bright eyes, upturned nose and sweet smile, as well as her fashion clothes, red shirt with white umbrella patterns, gray striped jumpsuit and red boots .

This Reborn baby girl doll is handcrafted of silicone by a popular designer, you can find every detail is so incredible. Her limbs can be moved flexibly and her smile is so sweet, so why not buy such a beautiful silicone baby girl for your partners or kids?

Happy Baby Diana Lifelike Silicone Girl Doll

Look, how sweet her smile is! As this reborn baby doll has bright blue eyes, button-shaped nose and glossy lips, wears gray suit with a cute white rabbit pattern and a pink bowknot, it’s no wonder that she is named Diana, a pretty name. You can even find two new white teeth on her open mouth. Moreover, you can move her arms and legs to let her make different poses as you like to cheer you up.

22 Inch Realistic Gentle Touch Vinyl Baby Doll

Here comes a popular African American doll, Camilla. Every detail is so perfect, from her naive black eyes, plump face and rosy mouth to her tiny hands and feet. You will love her more than ever when you touch her soft skin as the silicone baby doll is made of 3/4 Gentle Touch Vinyl. It’s no wonder that she is one of the most popular reborn baby dolls. Her smile makes her look even sweeter. How could it possible that someone not like this reborn baby girl doll?

Fashion Long Hair Silicone Girl Doll

Next, let’s meet this fashionable silicone baby doll with long curly blond hair. Look, she is waving to you with smiling. Doesn’t she look cute? She is characterized by bright brown eyes, upturned nose, glossy lips and rosy and chunky cheek , as well as trendy clothes including a colorful sweater, a denim skirt and a knitted hat with a red flower.

Moreover, her smiling is so sweet, which can make you forget all your troubles and smile happily as she does. So this fashionable silicone baby girl can be the best gift for your old-age parents and young children.

22 Inch Cheerful Reborn Baby Doll May

May, a pretty reborn baby girl doll, has the magic powder to easily let you be cheerful at once. From the first sight of her, you probably fall in love with May, as nobody can resist her sweet appearance, bright blue eyes, little peanut nose and short curly brown hair.

This silicone baby girl is dressed up with a short-sleeved short adorned with colorful flower patterns and pink shorts, and waiting for you to take her home to accompany your family.

11 Inch Sweet Lifelike Baby Girl with Basket

Look at this sweet realistic reborn baby girl in the pink basket with white spots, how sweet and lifelike she is! Don’t you feel cheerful from your first sight of her sunny smile? Why not embrace this silicone baby girl into your arms, touch her big blue eyes, plump face and rosy lips, and comb her short blond hair? This cute baby doll is made of Gentle Touch Vinyl and weighted feel like a real baby. All of these details make her so sweet and lifelike.

22 Inch Lifelike Smiling Reborn Doll Penny

Do you want to find someone to accompany your family and let them forget their annoyances? Then why don’t you take Pansy home? Once you see her, you will be attracted by her innocent blue eyes, upturned nose, pink lips and two previous baby teeth, especially her endearing smile. Her pretty pink lacy dress and white T-shirt makes her even more adorable.

As her arms and legs are flexible, so your family can spend time taking care of her.

Reborn Baby Happiness African-American Girl

The reborn baby girl in a denim skirt adorned with colorful flower patterns looks lovely, doesn’t she? She is a popular African-American baby doll, featuring soft curly black hair, bright black eyes, plump cheek and charming smile, as well as her movable arms and legs.

This little reborn baby girl doll is mainly handcrafted by GentleTouch vinyl, which makes her feel amazingly real like a newborn baby. Just take this sweet smiling baby doll home and let her bring happiness to your family.

Lifelike Baby Doll Happy Girl Katie

Katie is another sweet African-American silicone baby girl doll that can make everyone be happier. She is outfitted in a white knitted dress and hat. When you hold her into your arm, you can gently touch her blue eyes, tiny nose and two white teeth on her mouth, and feel how soft her skin is. Once you see her, you won’t forget her charming smile any more. Want to be as happy as Katie? Then just take her home.

All of these realistic smiling reborn baby girl dolls are so lifelike and pretty, why not take some of them home to let her accompany your family? Besides, they can also easily cheery your family up whey they feel upset and lonely.

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