Silicone babies are so sweet.

I love this hobby and I love the variety in it.

Silicone babies

A Silicone baby have so many really truly amazing features.

I love the fact that the silicones have full body skin effect.

Also that they feel so amazing to cuddle

The texture of the silicone is something so different from the vinyl.

Many things about silicone babies are more difficult than the vinyl.

There is a certain way that you have to care for them which is different from vinyl babies.

For example, you have to use talc on them to stop them getting sticky.

Also for the artist it raises problems with rooting.

Silicone babies hair can not be glued inside not vinyls.

But I think silicones are really worth all the extra works and the artists are so talented.

So what I love about silicone babies is numerous.

If you haven’t held a silicone baby before and get a chance to, make sure you do.

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