Some of you may know the answer to this, but for those of you that do not I thought that I would share with you a little background to us and what happened to get us into reborns five years ago.

At the time my family lived in the United Kingdom. Our family consists of my partner, our five children and myself.

My youngest daughter was eight years old at the time and would spend a lot of time, as would her siblings in Youtube.

At the time Minecraft had just started to become big and it was a game that I played a lot with my eldest son who was at the time 10 years old.

On several occassions my daughter came to me talking about these life like dolls.

At the time I was very unsure about them and didnt know what to think.

My daughter would show me many Youtube videos from Juliesreborn1.

The first one she showed me was with a reborn called Promise, who Julie and her mum had taken to a shopping mall and they were sat down giving baby formula to.

This intrigued me and my daughter and had us doing more and more research into the dolls.

One of the first things I learnt was that it was a very expensive.

But after doing some more watching of videos on Youtube my daughter showed me a company called Still Moment’s Nursery.

So after a few months of discussion with my daughter, seeing her excitement and daily watching of Juliesreborns1 together I decided that I would buy us our first reborn.

We went to Still Moments Nursery and ordered a custom baby.

A baby which I am afraid five years later still has not arrived.

After waiting for ages I decided to use a different artist.

This baby did arrive and my daughter and I spent hours with the baby, shopping and buying furniture for the baby.

Our first baby was soon followed by a second.

And our collection grew from there.

We haven’t looked back since.

My daughter then decided that she wanted to start her own Youtube channel.

This took some convincing.

But in the end I agreed to it as long as she did it with me and in the beginning and she did not show her face.


Our channel had grown from there and even though she has sone times when she isnt sure she wants to continue in the hobby it is still something that we enjoy to do together.




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