The run up to the Kansas Doll Show for many will be crazy.

Kansas doll show

It made me wonder if people will need a holiday to recover from all the crazy preparations, travelling, selling and the general time spent with friends there

I know that during these last few days people will either be crazy up all night painting and prepping or travelling to the show.

These shows are an amazing place to meet your friends.

But they are also very full on.

From the time the doors open to the time they shut and the last vendors have left it will get pretty hectic.

But isn’t that just part of the fun?

It really wouldn’t be the same without all the rushing.

In some ways it reminds me a little of Christmas.

You always say that next year you will be more organised and will not leave everything to the last minute.

But chances are you still will lol.

But it does add to the enjoyment of it all.

I know some artists are ready and have been for a week or so now, but others are still putting the finishing touches to their work.

Which ever way you get there, whether you are up all night or sleeping peaceful, this is one show you wont want to miss.

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